BASINOL® Antifreeze Extra

Antifreeze Extra is a premium antifreeze and anti-corrosion agent based on monoethylene glycol with the latest Si-OAT technology.

With the Si-OAT technology, organic acids work together with the mineral silicate for the best possible protection.

BASINOL Antifreeze Extra meets the requirements of modern high-performance engines in terms of thermal stress, long-term stability and long-term corrosion protection in a special way. It is free from nitrites, amines, phosphate, borates and 2-ethylhexanoic acid.

When changing, please drain and flush cooling systems, heating systems and expansion tanks. The change intervals for coolants of the respective manufacturers should not be exceeded.

Our Antifreeze Extra can be mixed with all coolants on the market and also covers almost all coolant standards on the market from G12+, G12++, G13 to G12evo.

We can deliver the Antifreeze Extra in colors green and redish

Mixing table:

Frost protection until about.
-37 °C [1 : 1]*
-27 °C [1 : 1,5]*
-20 °C [1 : 2]*

*mixing ratio [Concentrate : water]

The recommendations of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must be observed.

Application advice:
– Never use coolant concentrate Antifreeze Extra pure, always mix with water.
– Pay attention to the correct preparation water (clean water) according to the manufacturer’s specifications
– Pay attention to the correct mixing ratio
– If in doubt, switch to the ready-mix
– Engine coolants from different technologies should not be mixed together
– Follow the unit manufacturer’s instructions
– The concentration of Antifreeze Extra should never be less than 33% and never more than 60%

– impressive high temperature behavior
– free from 2-ethylhexanoic acid, borate, phosphate, nitrite and amine
– good compatibility with sealing materials
– high silicate stability
– Long-term corrosion protection
– material compatible

ASTM D 3306/4985/6210

29C100 (325.0), LC-87, LH-01-COL3A, TL 774 L (G12 evo), TR-1286083, TR-31854114-002, DEUTZ DQC CC-14, MAN 324 Si-OAT, Mercedes-Benz: MB-recommendation 326.0/326.6, MTU MTL 5048, Volkswagen TL 774-C (G11)/TL 774-F (G12+)/TL 774-G (G12++)/TL 774-J (G13)

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