Welcome to BASINOL®

The brand BASINOL stands for High-Tech lubricants of maximum quality and all carry the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. Be they engine oils for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and marine, industrial transmission oils, gas engine oils or lubricants for turbines- all BASINOL products are produced, bottled, packaged, stored and shipped throughout the world only from Germany.

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BASINOL offers a wide range of different automotive and industrial lubricants. Quality in perfection – that we guarantee! We design and produce all of our lubricants in Germany. You can rely on their quality and their constant capacity!

BASINOL® Characteristics​

Increased engine protection
Optimum operational performance
Extended oil change intervals
Fuel and cost savings
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Optimum engine and transmission hygiene


BASINOL® – High-tech lubricants for the world of tomorrow

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