BASINOL® Engine Oils

Engine Oils
for cars and vans

High-performance engine oils from BASINOL offer reliable wear protection and an excellent start-up and warm-up behaviour due to optimum low temperature properties and a low viscosity character.

Engine oils
for commercial vehicles and stationary systems

The ideal combination of fully synthetic base oils and innovative additives guarantees an outstanding performance and solves the complex and high requirements placed on lubricants by trucks and heavy commercial vehicles in construction, agriculture and forestry, as well as omnibuses easily.

Engine Oils
for motorcycle

We consistently offer you the best lubricants for all engine designs – whether you own a 2- or 4-stroke engine, with BASINOL  you can rest assured that you will always have a reliable companion at your side to protect and care for your motorcycle.

Function Fluids

Besides our high-quality engine and transmission oils, BASINOL function fluids can aid the full and flawless operation of your vehicle. Whether brake fluids or cooler protection agents BASINOL can also offer a wide product range here.

Engine oils
for ships and boats

BASINOL marine products are based on high-grade mineral oil raffinates and selected additives to ensure wear and corrosion protection as well as good engine cleanliness of diesel engines in rail vehicles, shipping and stationary aggregates.

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