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BASINOL Insights: The importance of regular maintenance and oil changes for vehicle service life

Welcome to our BASINOL Insights! Today we would like to talk about a topic that is often neglected, but is crucial for the long-term health of your vehicle: regular maintenance and oil changes.

Regularly servicing your vehicle is like going to the doctor for a health check. It ensures that everything is running smoothly and that potential problems can be detected and rectified at an early stage. An essential part of this maintenance is the regular oil change.

Why is this so important, you may ask? Well, a fresh oil change keeps your engine clean and free of deposits, reduces wear and tear and ensures optimum performance. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine – it lubricates the moving parts, keeps them cool and protects against corrosion. But over time and with repeated use, oil loses its effectiveness and can accumulate contaminants that can damage your engine. A regular oil change ensures that your engine is always supplied with fresh, high-quality oil that can perform its tasks effectively.

In addition to changing the oil, there are other important maintenance tasks that should be carried out regularly, such as replacing filters, checking fluids and inspecting wearing parts. By carrying out these maintenance tasks regularly, you can ensure that your vehicle remains reliable and safe and its lifespan is maximized.

At BASINOL, we recommend following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals and changing the oil accordingly. Our high-quality engine oils are specially formulated to protect your engine and optimize its performance. With regular maintenance and a timely oil change, you can ensure that your vehicle remains a faithful companion for many years to come.

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