VDL 100 is an parrafin based compressoroil with natural high VI an high flashpoint.

It has good ageing resistance and is indispensable in many compressors due to the thermal load.

VDL 100 has proven itself at high compressor temperatures, especially in thermally highly loaded reciprocating and rotary compressors.

VDL 100 can also be used in rolling and plain bearings in oil circulation systems in e.g. paper machines, rotary kilns, etc.

As an alloyed oil, VDL 100 covers the requirements for oils of the groups VBL and VCL.

– excellent wear protection
– special low-foam
– improved aging resistance
– perfect viscosity stability
– good demulsifying behavior
– advanced skill fluidity
– prevents residue build-up

DIN 51506 (type VCL possession); (VDL), ISO 6743-3 (DAA), ISO 6743-3 (DAG), ISO 6743-3 (DAH)

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