BASINOL® Premium Energy 020

Premium Energy 020 is an HC synthetic engine oil for gasoline engines in hybrid vehicles with fuel economy properties.
Premium Energy 020 is suitable for year-round use even at the lowest temperatures.

With Premium Energy 020 it is possible to comply with the strict requirements of the EURO standards with regard to pollution. At the same time, an active contribution is made to reducing CO2 pollution.

Premium Energy 020 enables fuel savings of up to 3.1% – tested in the official ILSAC engine test.

The extraordinary flowability at the lowest temperatures ensures a safe cold start with minimal wear of moving components.

– excellent wear protection
– improved cleaning and dispersing power
– optimal lubrication security in the cold running phase
– very good cold start properties
– very wide operating temperature range

API SN, API SN Plus, API SN Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-5

FIAT 9.55535-CR1/9.55535-GSX, Chrysler MS 6395, Ford M2C 925-A/945-A/946-A/947-A, GM dexos1™Gen2, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota

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