BASINOL® Evolution Sport 1060

Evolution Sport 1060 is an HC-synthetic low-friction engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines and vans.

Evolution Sport 1060 is a highly alloyed HC synthetic low-friction engine oil and is suitable as a top product for all modern passenger car gasoline and diesel engines, including turbo engines.

Evolution Sport 1060 is based on carefully selected fully synthetic base oils and highly effective additives that enable use as a universal fuel-saving HC synthetic engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines, with and without turbo chargers, in cars and vans.


– excellent protection against corrosion
– excellent wear protection
– noticeable fuel savings
– good viscosity stability
– good air release properties
– low foam formation
– excellent cleaning
– very wide operating temperature range


BMW Longlife-01/M-models, Mercedes-Benz: MB 229.3, Volkswagen 505.00/501.01

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