BASINOL® Evolution Sport 0550

Evolution Sport 0550 is a fuel-saving engine oil of the SAE-grade 5W-50. High-quality base oils from the latest synthesis technology and specially optimized additives ensure engine cleanliness, corrosion and wear protection.

Evolution Sport 0550 has been developed for modern passenger cars with petrol or diesel engines and for modern injection and turbo engines. It can also be used in all motorcycles with air-cooled and watercooled four-stroke engines where SAE-grade 5W-50 and corresponding ACEA or API specification are required.

– excellent corrosion protection
– excellent wear protection
– recognizable action savings
– good viscosity stability
– good air release properties – correct foam formation
– improved cleaning and dispersing power
– very wide operating temperature range


BMW Longlife 01, Fiat 9.55535-H2/9.55535-M2, GM -LL-B-025, Mercedes-Benz: MB 229.3, Porsche A40, Volkswagen 502.00/505.00

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