BASINOL® Truck Longlife 1040 Plus

Truck Longlife 1040 Plus is an HC synthetic low-viscosity motor oil for petrol and diesel engines.
HC synthesis base oils and a modern additive tailored to the high practical requirements ensure good lubrication for all four-stroke engines, i.e. mixed fleets where the requirements of highly loaded turbochargers (SHPD) must be met.

Truck Longlife 1040 Plus enables extended oil change intervals with very little refill through reliable lubrication, cleanliness and heat dissipation. This grade is a year-round oil, the cold viscosity SAE 10W enables a reliable cold start and the fastest lubricating film formation. The high-temperature viscosity of SAE 40 ensures wear protection and low oil consumption when subjected to high temperatures.

In addition to the most modern package of chemical agents, Truck Longlife 1040 Plus also has wear-resistant, friction-reducing components that ensure easy mechanical operation and are fuel-efficient.

– excellent corrosion protection
– optimal wear protection
– good resistance to oxidation
– improved viscosity stability
– excellent cleaning and dispersing power
– very good cold start properties
– very wide operating temperature range

ACEA A3/B4/E7, API CI-4/SL, Global DHD-1, JASO DH-1

Allison C-4/TES 228, Caterpillar ECF-1a, Cummins CES 20076/20077/20078, DAF, Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215, DEUTZ DQC III-10, Mack EO-M Plus/EO-N, MAN M 3275-1 (obsolet), Mercedes-Benz: MB 228.3/229.1/MB 235.27, MTU Oil category 2, Renault RLD/RLD-2, Voith Retarder Typ A, Volvo VDS-3 (STD 417-0002)

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