BASINOL® Truck Longlife 0530 Premium

BASINOL Truck Longlife 0530 Premium is a high-quality HC synthesis fuel economy USHPD low-friction engine oil for commercial vehicles with and without diesel particulate filters (DPF).

BASINOL Truck Longlife 0530 Premium is characterized by a low-ash additive technology (Low SAPS = reduced sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulfur content). Through the use of selected base oils of the latest synthesis technology, the year-round viscosity range SAE 5W-30, preferred by many engine manufacturers, is achieved.

BASINOL Truck Longlife 0530 Premium enables significantly longer oil change intervals with improved engine protection at the same time.
The modern “Low SAPS” additives reduce the internal friction in the engine, which results in lower fuel consumption and optimized wear protection.
The economy is characterized by reduced oil consumption, reduced pollutant emissions and lower operating costs.
The improved soot carrying capacity contributes significantly to avoiding abrasive wear in the engine and ensuring the best engine cleanliness.

BASINOL Truck Longlife 0530 Premium was specially developed for the economical supply of exhaust gas-optimized engines, even under extreme loads.

BASINOL Truck Longlife 0530 Premium is a year-round, high-performance commercial vehicle engine oil that has been tailored to the latest Euro V and VI emission standards and enables maximum oil change intervals.
The engine oil maintains the effectiveness of the emission control systems over a very long period of time.
Loss of performance due to occupied diesel particulate filters is prevented by lower particulate emissions and a higher level of efficiency is achieved.

– excellent wear protection
– noticeable fuel savings
– suitable for emission-optimized engines
– suitable for long oil change times
– reduces exhaust and particle emissions


CAT ECF-3, Cummins CES 20086, DAF PSQL 2.1 E LD (long drain), DD DDC 93K222, DEUTZ DQC IV-18 LA/TTCD-Motoren, DTFR 15C110 (228.51)/15C120 (228.52), Ford WSS-M2C213-A1, IVECO 18-1804 Class TLS E6/E9, Mack EOS-4.5, MAN M 3477/M 3677, Mercedes-Benz: MB 228.51/ 228.52, MTU oil category 3.1, Renault RLD-3, Scania LDF-4/LDF-LA (Low Ash), Volvo VDS-4.5

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