BASINOL® Gear Syn 150

Gear Syn 150 is a fully synthetic industrial gear oil based on polyalphaolefin for highly stressed gear drives as well as plain and roller bearings in industry.

The advantages of using the AGear Syn 150 are longer operating times for the fillings, lower costs for changing and disposing of used oil, easy start-up at low temperatures with better friction coefficients, lower energy costs and operation that is gentle on materials and requires little maintenance.

Before using Gear Syn 150, the gears and oil circuits should be completely drained. To maintain the original properties, do not mix with mineral oils or other synthetic lubricating oils.

Continuous operating temperature range: -40 ° C to +90 ° C. Peak temperature up to +150 ° C

– excellent corrosion protection
– perfect wear protection
– optimized compatibility with sealing materials
– good air release properties – low foaming
– prevention of pitting
– perfect resistance to oxidation
– good shear disruption
– optimal low temperature behavior
– very wide operating temperature range

AGMA 250.0479005-D94, David Brown S1.53.101, DIN 51517 part 3 (CLP-HC), Flender, ISO 6743-6 (CKC), US Steel 224

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