BASINOL® Gear EP 320

Gear EP 320 is a zinc-free, mineral oil-based industrial transmission oil.

Gear EP 320 is a high pressure activated lubricating oil. It contains additives to improve lubricity and wear protection and to prevent corrosion.

Made from solvent raffinate with special oxidation stability and additives for corrosion protection and pressure absorption capability. Reliable lubrication, confirmed by the fact that the wear limit for rolling elements in the FE8 tester is not exceeded.

VDEh approvals are met.

– excellent corrosion protection
– perfect wear protection
– good resistance to oxidation
– improved compatibility with sealing materials
– good air release properties – low foaming
– very good thermal stability
– Prevents pittings
– zinc free

DIN 51517 part 3 (CLP), ISO 12925-1, ISO 6743-6 (CKC)

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