BASINOL® Hydraulic HV68

HYDRAULIC HV68 is a mineral oil-based hydraulic oil with a high viscosity index.

Only paraffin-based primary raffinate is used as the base oil. Even with extreme temperature fluctuations and when hydraulic systems are started up from minus temperature ranges, HYDRAULIC HV68 achieves the highest degree of uniformity in the operating behavior of the systems.

Optimal wear, corrosion and oxidation protection properties guarantee the greatest possible functional reliability of the hydraulic systems with extended oil retention times and minimal maintenance.

HYDRAULIC HV68 is particularly suitable for hydraulic systems that are exposed to strongly fluctuating temperatures. This includes the entire field of mobile hydraulics, as well as all stationary systems that work outdoors (scrap presses, lock gates, loading units, ship hydraulics, etc.).

The multi-area character of HYDRAULIC HV68 enables extensive variety reductions. This largely avoids the risk of confusion for the user. Warehousing and ordering in the company are simplified.

HYDRAULIC HV68 can be used wherever HVLP or HLP hydraulic oils are required. It is shear stable and exceeds the requirements for hydraulic oils HVLP according to DIN 51524 part 3.

– excellent protection against corrosion
– excellent wear protection
– suitable for long oil change times
– good oxidation resistance
– good shear stability
– very wide operating temperature range

DIN 51524 Teil 3 (HVLP), ISO 11158 (HV), ISO 6743-4 (HV)

Bosch Rexroth RE 90220-01, Eaton Vickers I-286 S

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