BASINOL® Hydraulic HL32

Hydraulic HL32 is a mineral oil-based hydraulic oil with high protection against aging and corrosion.

Hydraulic HL32 is recommended for high performance hydraulic systems with high speed vane, gear and axial piston pumps operating at high pressure. Because of the good compatibility with bronze and steel, valves and servo pumps are well served here. These products are used on a broad basis for the hydraulics of machine tools, provided that hydraulic oils with wear protection are required.

Hydraulic HL32 has also proven itself in industrial gears and gears of machine tools, especially in common circulating systems for wheel arches, tailstocks, feed gears and slideways.

Quality standards and manufacturer specifications:
Hydraulic HL32 exceeds the minimum requirements for HLP hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524/2

– excellent corrosion protection
– optimal wear protection
– belongs for fine filtering – prevents filter blockages
– optimized oxidation resistance
– good air release properties – feel foaming
– proven water separation ability
– long service life

AGMA 9005/E02, ASTM D 6158, DIN 51524 Teil 2 (HLP), ISO 11158 (HM), ISO 6743-4 (HM), SS 155434-AM

E-FDGN-TB002-E, M-2950-S, P041 HK Hadraulic Specification, TE-ML 04K, Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2, MAG/Cincinnati Machine P-68/P-69/P-70, SEB 181 222, US Steel 126/127

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