BASINOL® Gear Oil 85W90 Hyp

Gear Oil 85W90 Hyp is a mineral oil-based hypoid gear oil GL5 for manual and axle drives with high loads.

Gear Oil 85W90 Hyp is based on carefully selected solvent raffinates with special active ingredients for low-temperature flowability as well as corrosion-preventing, temperature-stable, wear-reducing and load-bearing properties. The foam formation as well as the oxidation (aging) are countered by incorporated components.

Gear Oil 85W90 Hyp is a hypoid gear oil for long running times with high loads. Corrosion and seizure wear are prevented, at elevated temperatures and in the cold.
The function of commercially available materials such as sealing material is not impaired. There is material compatibility.

– excellent corrosion protection
– perfect wear protection
– good resistance to oxidation
– optimal compatibility with sealing materials
– good fluidity of skills
– outstanding air release properties – feel foaming
– Must have load-bearing capacity in all performance values


DAF, Ford M2C 9002-AA, MAN 342 M1 (obsolet), Mercedes-Benz: MB 235.0, MIL-L-2105 C/D, Voith 132.00374400, Volvo 97310, ZF TE-ML 16B/16C/17B/19B/21A

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