BASINOL® Gear Oil 75W90 Hyp

Gear Oil 75W90 Hyp is an HC synthetic universal gear oil GL4 / GL5 for manual and axle drives in commercial vehicles.

Gear Oil 75W90 Hyp is a universal lubricant specially developed for manual transmissions and rear axles of cars as well as light and heavy trucks.

Due to its special composition, it is particularly suitable for synchronous gears and heavily loaded differential gears. The very wide viscosity range in combination with special components ensures perfect behavior under the most difficult conditions. The particularly high thermal stability and the excellent friction properties prevent switching problems.

Gear Oil 75W90 Hyp is a synthetic gear oil based on high quality synthetic base oils. The following properties can be achieved by adding special EP additives:

– excellent wear protection
– extremely high pressure absorption capacity
– belongs for long oil change times
– good shear disruption
– very wide operating temperature range


BMW 83229407768/OSP/SAF-XO, DAF LKW (longer oil chnage Intervalls), IVECO, MAN 341 E3/ 341 Z2/342 S1, Mercedes-Benz: MB-recommendation 235.11/235.8, MIL -L-2105 D, Renault LKW, Scania STO 1:0, Volvo 97312/97315, ZF TE-ML 12B/16F/17B

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