Gear MTF 75W80 is a fully synthetic low-friction gear oil API GL4 for manual and axle drives in commercial vehicles.

Gear MTF 75W80 is a fully synthetic, high-performance, low-friction gear oil with special additives and inhibition, which ensure that the gear unit functions perfectly.

Gear MTF 75W80 was specially developed for the requirements of manual gearboxes for commercial vehicles and is ideally suited to very high mechanical and thermal loads, even with the longest oil change intervals.

Gear MTF 75W80 is a high-performance gear oil for the supply of synchronized commercial vehicle manual transmissions, especially when oils of the type Volvo 97307 or Volvo 97305 are required (see recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions). Shifting comfort is significantly increased. Extreme oil change intervals according to the manufacturer’s instructions up to 500,000 km lower maintenance costs and increase profitability.

– alteration and oxidation stability
– excellent corrosion protection
– excellent wear protection
– noticeable impairment savings
– extremely high pressure absorption capacity
– belongs for long oil change times
– good shear disruption
– rapid formation of a lubricating film


341 V-R, 97318, DAF, Eaton, IVECO 18-1807, MAN 341 E3, MAN 341 Z4, Renault, Volvo 97305, Volvo 97307, ZF TE-ML 01L, ZF TE-ML 02L, ZF TE-ML 16K

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