Fluid ATF DEX. 6 is an automatic transmission oil, Dexron VI.

Fluid ATF DEX. 6 was developed for use in automatic transmissions, hydraulic steering systems, converters and power transmissions in which an automatic transmission fluid is prescribed that exceeds the requirements of Dexron II and Dexron III.

The special composition of Fluid ATF DEX. 6 extends the life of this fluid compared to older Dexron types.

Fluid ATF DEX. 6 must not be used in DSG and CVT transmissions in which an oil of the specification Ford type F / G is required.

The product is colored red

– perfect resistance to oxidation
– compatibility with sealing materials
– very good corrosion protection
– good cold fluidity
– excellent wear protection
– excellent cleaning and dispersing power
– Service life is increased
– optimal friction behavior
– very good thermal stability

AW-1, Aisin Warner JWS 3309/3324, Allison TES 228 C3/C4, BMW ETL-7045E/-8027/-LA 2634, Chrysler ATF +3/+4/Dodge Mopar AS 68 RC (Type IV)/Dodge Mopar AS 69 RC (Type IV)/Mopar ATF +2, Dahiatsu ATF D-II/D-III SP, Fiat Type IV, Ford M21 38-CJ/M2C 166-H/M2C 922-A1/M2C 924-A/Mercon® LV, GM DEXRON® II-D/II-E/III-G/ III-H/VI/Typ A, Suffix, Honda ATF DW Z-1/DW-1, Hyundai JWS 3314/9683/SP-II/SP-III/SP-IV, Isuzu Besco Dexron II/III, Jaguar ATF 3403 JLM 20238/ATF 3403 M 115, JASO M 315 Type 1A/M315-2013 1A-LV/M315-2013 2A, Kia SP-II/SP-III/SP-IV, Mazda ATF 3317/D-II/F-1/FZ/M-III/M-V/N-1/S-1, Mercedes-Benz: MB 236.1/236.2/236.3/236.41/236.5/236.7/236.8/236.9, Mini C T-VI, Mitsubishi Dia Queen ATF J2/J3/PA/SP-II/SP-III/SP-IV, Nissan Matic D/J/K/S Fluid, Porsche ATF 3403-M115/Type IV, Subaru ATF-5AT/ATF-HP/ATF/AW-1/ATF 2384K/ATF 3309/ATF 3314/ATF 3317, Toyota ATF D-II/T-III/T-IV/WS, Voith 55.6335.XX, Volkswagen G 052 055/G 052 162/G 052 990/G 055 025/ G 055 162/G 055 540, Volvo 1161540/97335/97340, ZF TE-ML 05L/09/11A/11B/21L/24A/4HP 20/5HP

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