Fluid ATF DEX 3 is an automatic transmission oil, Dexron III.

By using a special base oil with a modern additive package, it is the gear fluid for high loads, especially at low temperatures. The selection of the product components results in pronounced aging stability, extremely low evaporation rates at very high temperatures and shear stability.

Whether very low temperatures in northern regions and high mountain areas or high temperatures in midsummer and southern countries, shifting is jerk-free, the transmission is noiseless, and the oil filling guarantees wear protection and long operating times.

Fluid ATF DEX 3 is suitable for use in all automatic vehicle transmissions, steering aids and hydraulic drives.

– good resistance to oxidation
– optimal viscosity stability
– excellent cold fluidity
– good air release properties
– low foaming

Allison C-4/TES 228/TES 389, GM DEXRON® III-H, MAN 339 Z1/Z3, Mercedes-Benz: MB-recommendation 236.1/236.10/236.5/236.9, Voith 55.6335.3X, Volvo 1161521/1161621/97341, ZF TE-ML 04D/05L/14B/16L/17C

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