Fluid ATF CVT is an automatic transmission oil for continuously variable motor vehicle transmissions, CVT.

Fluid ATF CVT has a high level of wear protection and therefore optimal power transmission at the same time, both with a CVT chain and with a CVT push link belt.

Fluid ATF CVT is a high-performance fluid based on synthesis technology for continuously variable transmissions, which has the following properties through the addition of special additives.

– excellent corrosion protection
– perfect wear protection
– good compatibility with sealing materials
– optimal fluidity of skills
– no foaming
– very high viscosity index

JASO M 358

BMW Mini 83220136376/83220429159, Chrysler Jeep NS-2/Mopar CVTF+4, Daihatsu Ammix CVT, Ford M2C 928-A, Honda HMMF/HCF2, Hyundai SP-III, Mercedes-Benz: MB-recommendation 236.20, Mitsubishi Dia Queen ATF CVTF-J1/SP-III, Nissan NS1 CVT/NS2 CVT/NS3 CVT, Subaru ECVT/iCVT, Suzuki CVT Fluid Green 1/NS-2, Suzuki CVT TC, Toyota CVTF-TC / FE, Volkswagen G 052 180/G 052 516

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